Beautiful People

I woke up this morning and before I got started on my routine I took a look in the mirror and realized just how blessed I really am to be so good looking naturally. I mean think about it … there are so many girls who spend so much time in the gym working out, they buy the most expensive clothes, put on tons of makeup .. they give all the effort just to try to be on my level.

God bless them.

Hey Loser Fags

What’s up, Dweebs? Enjoying your miserable little lives on a Friday night? Probably not.

My day nearly fucking sucked. I didn’t have class today so I stayed over my brothers house and watched my niece. She’s sooooo cute. I’m not really the babysitting type but I totally will for her because she looks like me and I know she’s going to be like my twin. But uggh when my brother was at work she was hella fuckin colic-y. I love the girl, but I hate crying babies it gives me a fuckin headache and it reminds me how I never want to have children until I’m like .. 40.

Newayz .. so my day nearly sucked cuz when my brother got home, my friend Tiffany was all like “Let’s go look for some shoes” cause she wanted some strappy ones to wear our tonight and OMG! On the way to meet her my rear tire practically exploded 🙁 Luckily this happened right down the street from a Tire shop so I made it there. When I went in there the guy managing it was pretty hot .. he was really skinny but his face looked good. I dunno super skinny guys are like a deal breaker, I like big muscle men. Depending on this guy’s wallet I may have fucked him though because he didn’t seem like a complete beta wimp dork. Anyway he was kinda annoying cause he kept asking me all these questions about cars like the engine size, tire types “OFMG do I look like some chick who studies car magazines or something? I don’t fucking know!”

Moving on .. I updated my site, changed around the look, and you assclowns had better love it. Click around and enjoy your miserable selves.

For PTV Games, Sissy, Loser, Cum Drinkers Assignments, Pics of Moi and other goodies visit my FETISH STORE.

I will be on Niteflirt for the remainder of the night since I’m back home with the ‘rents now. CALL ME!

Dave and his Fat Bitch

A big part of why I deal with pathetic geek faces and disgusting perverts on Niteflirt is the entertainment factor. I love hearing your fucked up stories, dirty kinks, humiliating confessions and laughing my ass off at you while I’m being constantly reminded how much more superior I am and how my princess life is absolutely amazing especially compared to pathetic peons like you.

One of my favorite little dick dimwits on Niteflirt is Dave, a cuckold loser husband who calls my Wife Humiliation Line and tells me the most hilarious shit I’ve ever heard. Ever.
His dumbass, greasy fat whore of a wife is one of the most vile piggy bitches EVER! Seriously this dirty slut will do anything for a meal and a cumload in her Big Mac-breath mouth.
Dave tells me every detail of just how far her chubby ass will go as he sits back and watches, almost like a cuckold wimp bitch, while his wife’s Male dominant controls their married life and sends Old FATful on all kinds of humiliating missions. From being a club slut, to a gutter slut, to a fried chicken glutton gobbler .. just when I think I’ve heard it all it just keeps getting better.

I think I seriously get my ab workout in for the day by laughing at the fucking stories he tells about this dumb bitch. O-M-G! … But it’s not like I really need the ab work. His fat slut wife could use it if she could be inspired to move her lazy ass for more than Ding Dongs.


How many other of you dorks have a dirty dummy fatty for a wife or girlfriend? Think you could make me laugh harder? I wanna hear about her!

Drippy Dick Cum Eaters

Yawn. So I woke up this morning all exhausted and hung over from last night’s party at the lake. We popped firecrackers, ate bbq, drank hella beer (eww I don’t even like beer that much) + rum (mmm) and listened to some loud ass music until fuckin 3 am!!! I guess it like one last big KABOOM!! before I have to get serious about school .. ugggh. I need to get more serious about classes because I partied and slacked off sooo much last semester and I ended up getting 2 Cs because I really didn’t give a fuck but that sucked! My dad told me if I do better this semester he will give me his credit card to go shopping with for Christmas and I’m reeeaaallly wanting a pair of Christian Louboutins so I will hella do it.

Newayz ..

I got on Niteflirt for a little bit last night and Friday and I am soo amused by all of the little drippy dick cum eating sissy boys who have been calling me lately wanting me to force them to take their weak wimp cum load in their mouths while I laugh my beautiful princess ass off LOL. Seriously .. there’s nothing funnier to me than a fag wannabe jerking off all furiously to the thought of salty cum hitting their lips and then listening to them slurp that dirty dick nectar down their throats and into their cum hungry bellies. LMAO! Wtf .. some of you bitches are so fucking disgusting … and I love it!

Keep up the entertaining work, cum breaths!

My Site + Niteflirt News

Ok, for one, I’m finally back after a nice, long summer vacation that was AMAZING! I spent some time at the lake, a lot of time by the pool getting my tan on, went on a road trip with my friends, of course a lot of time enjoying big dicks .. and now I’m back at home chillin at my brothers condo. It’s so amazing here. A huge, pimped out tv, a pool, jacuzzi. I’ve practically moved myself in .. but my bro is my best friend so he doesn’t even give a shit.


Umm .. so yeah I fucked up my site cause it’s not like I’m some techy dork who does this stuff for shits and giggles. I mean I managed to save some of the blog entries, majority is gone. Sorry, Roaches, you won’t be able to enjoy every detail of my perfect devilish princess life from the past year, but I’ll try to update for you losers more often.

Which brings me to …


1) They just told us today that they’re changing shit around on that site and it may make things a little harder for you guys to find me and also for me to contact you … I dunno. To make things easier BOOKMARK MY PAGE!

Sissy Page

Wife Humiliation/Blackmail Page

Ass Worship Page

Loser Confession Page

Pick your perverted kink, favorite me and call me! 🙂

2) I haven’t been on regularly and I know you twits miss me .. so HEre is my new schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8pm-6am
The rest of the week: Whenever I get a chance .. I’m a busy, bitch! I’ll try my best to be on consistently with the other days.

They’re taking away “Arrange a Calls”, appointments, call backs, and “Busy” notifier for a little while so if you want to talk to me at any time, especially during the time slots above and it says I’m “Away” I JUST may be on a call with someone else so try me back in 15-30 minutes or you SHOULD be able to send me a message and see if I’m available .. I will respond back ASAP!

I will be on all night tonight so catch me while you can!

Princess Ass Pic


I’m up bright and early because I slept all day to prepare to go out. Did some drinking, some partying and I even got fucked by this hot sexy guy I’ve been seeing name Brett. OMG his cock was so huge and he made me cum like 10x .. something you losers would never understand or ever be able to do!

*Yawn* I’m bored. Call me now and entertain me my little Cum Monkeys!

Ass Bitches & BBC Bitches

I woke up this morning feeling particularly peppy and in a great mood so it made me even more in the mood to abuse stupid cock sucking losers like YOU.

I’ve had such an influx of losers lately who are so eager to worship me in all my Princess glory. First there are the ass worship losers bow to me by kissing my ass, sticking their big losers noses right up my pink puckered rosebud and completely suffocating between my perfect princess asscheeks! HAHAHAH!

And then there are those losers who are ready to get used and abused by me and my big black cock bulls and sidekicks. And you wimps know that we love fucking up a bitch! You WILL leave out bruised and battered LMAO!

Which bitch are you?

Craigslist SLUTS!

Craigslist + Sissy Whores = Heaven!

So last night Fag Boy Chris called and wanted me to hook him up with a fat throbbing cock from Craigslist. Who am I to say no? I love turning out sluts an whoring them for my amusement. This cock-craving faggot went through with it like I knew he would and now he’s on the phone being a sissy bitch and sucking thick, fat cock right now LMAO! I’m laughing my precious princess ass off at him espeically while he gets humiliated and gagged.

I’m sooooooo turning this fucker out. He’s getting fucked up the ass next.

Who wants to be my next whore? Call me now if you dare!

More Blackmail!

Sooo Blackmail Bitch Jason slithered out of his little hole a couple of days ago begging me to take down his embarrassing picture that I put up my last blog entry. After some whining and moaning (which does no good with me) and a deposit of money (which does do good) I released him from his misery and laughed my ass off in his face. LMAO.

I told you blackmail boys I’m serious. If you can’t pay don’t attempt to play.

Funny after my last entry 3 more blackmail snakes slithered out of their embarrassing little holes with more secrets they’re just dying (and paying) for me to keep from their wives, friends and coworkers. And they’re all absolutely hooked. LMAO.

If you have an embarrassing confession and want to be my blackmail slave bitch FILL OUT MY BLACKMAIL APPLICATION NOW and put down your deposit. I don’t do this shit for free.

Then click the button below for a phone fetish call.

Blackmail Bitch Jason

I love blackmail bitches that think they can get away with shit and that I’m playing when I tell them I’ll call them out. Take for instance this mouth breathing shit stain named Jason. He called me on Niteflirt a few days ago wanting me to blackmail him to is friends and family with his ridiculous fetishes and compromising pictures. Funny though the little dumb bitch thought I was joking and wouldn’t seriously make him my blackmail slave so he tried to make me promise him that it would end when we hung up the phone. Oh no no no dumb whore. Sucks for you I’m all real, piss me off I’m a huge bitch and I will make your life hell. I give you one chance to test me and then I call you out. So I’m guessing fagboy has decided to use up his one chance. After calling me for the 5th time in one day I grew bored with him and his pathetic little whining voice and put the phone down while I went to go do more important things like my nails and perfect my hair.
I told him this cock sucking fag boy to wait until I got back, but he decided I wasn’t serious and hung up.

Ok fine. You can test me once 🙂 Everyone check out this loser dickwag.

LMAO! How much you wanna bet he pisses his panties? Sucks for him my site gets hundreds of hits a day. It would suck if I plastered the rest of his pictures all over New York wouldn’t it?

Don’t fuck with me, bitches. I’m the wrong one.

If you want BLACKMAIL PHONE SEX click the link below

Black Sissy Fag Boy

Sissies love me and I love sissies. Nothing gives me more pleasure than turning a curious sissy into a cock sucking, cum guzzling road whore. LOL!

Tonight my Black Fag boy called me and begged for racial humiliation and also for me to be his superior white princess. Who am I to say no? I took that dirty cock sucker and showed him exactly how to swallow down a couple of white dicks and take a big, hard white cock up his slutty black ass. Needless to say he loved it and shot his pathetic sissy jizz load in a cup. After that we played cum guzzling games with it and I taught him how to swallow cum up like a good fagboy. It was great and hilarious!

Any other fagboys out there just aching for me to train you up right? Don’t be shy .. 🙂 I’ll be on Niteflirt all night!

Stupid Fat Wives

I love how all these husbands and boyfriends are coming out of the woodwork to worship and adore me as I humiliate their dumb, fat, ugly wives and girlfriends … LMAO.

Jason calls me everyday when his stinky wife is in the other room just so we can gossip about her. How she smells weird, how oily and zitty her face is, how she’s a lazy cunt who does nothing but sit infront of the TV every day stuffing her fat face as her ass gets wider and wider .. ewww. He giggles and I laugh my ass off as we talk about what a fucking Medusa she is.

I’ve come to realize that unless a man is dating or married to a top supermodel his wife is seriously a contrast from me as I have perfect skin, perfect hair, I look hella good, and have not an ounce of extra fat on my body.

I deserve to have my ass kissed and be spoiled.

Cuckold Losers

A word to all sissies: I DON’T ACCEPT SECOND PLACE. That’s right. I don’t give a fuck if you’re running low on funds to support yourself, I don’t give a fuck if your skank wife is jealous. FUCK HER AND FUCK YOU because I don’t give a shit about either of you. I only care about hot sexy fine myself taking everything you own and nothing more LOL.

Some dumbass little cuckold bitch keeps messaging me on Yahoo wanting to talk about how pathetic he is, but of course I don’t give a fuck and end up ignoring him. Let’s face it .. you’re not good enough to get my time for free. You’re a rug, I’m royalty. Why would I waste any of my precious time thinking about how miserable you are when I could be thinking about how perfect I am?

Anyway, this little shit stain short dick then had the nerve to ask me “Princess, how much money would I have to pay you in order to serve you” LOLOLOL. Loser. No bank account in the world is large enough to make me happy. That’s just a fact.

The more you spend the happier I’ll be!

Don’t Get Mad Cuz Your Dick is Too Small!

Ugggh .. Jared will NOT stop calling me! He’s the guy I hung out with Friday with his friends from college, but fucked a couple of months ago. WTF .. we were partying at a club and I was fucking drunk and horny … ok?? So I led him into the restroom, pulled up my skirt and let him fuck my horny little tight wet pussy then and there in doggystyle position. Ok .. Jared was NOT that great. I didn’t like his dick because it wasn’t teenie but wasn’t as big as I like. Like I said, being the perfect princess that I am I only deserve the biggest and the best. That was the last and only time I ever go beneath myself and take less than I deserve. Newayz … TO THE LEFT TO THE LEFT! I’m trying to brush my shoulders off and drop it like its hot! I’m too young for this stalker mess.

I know Jared is fuckin jealous I have been hanging out with his friend James. James is so fuckin hot and has a nice dick and knows how to use it! I swear we’ve been fucking every single day since like Friday and it’s like we just can’t get enough of each other. He gets me sooooo wet and makes me cum so hard. I love when he pounds my pussy and tosses me around in all kinds of different positions. And the way he sucks on my nipples puts me in heaven. Mmmm.

I’m getting so wet and horny thinking about it. Now I need a good phone fuck. I need all hard and horny dudes to call me NOW!

Princess ♥ Cock and Ball Punishments!

got a new submissive male today on Niteflirt named Joe. He wanted to be dominated by a hot, young, superior female .. LIKE ME, and have his cock and balls tortured over the phone. This made me happy cuz .. as you know I fuckin HATE small dicks. I think they’re so nasty and ugly and they piss me off! I’m such a sweet princess and I truly deserve better than that. Only the biggest and most pleasurable of cocks on the hottest of guys are worth my time, and I’m glad when clitdick boyz acknowledge and accept that.

Newayz .. it was fun to to do a little phone torture and humiliation during the call. Some of the things we did .. I crushed his balls with my new Italian leather stiletto heels, then I tortured his dick in ways to make it burn and hurt .. LOL! I love making a half-man yell and beg for mercy while I just sit on the other end and laugh and laugh my precious princess ass off. CBT men, sissies, cuckolds and small dick losers are like harlequins of Niteflirt. They will totally emasculate themselves just to entertain me and give me a few laughs 😀

Are you man enough to be de-maned by me? Are you in need of some punishment?

Wallet Rape Sissy Slave

My sissy slut and money slave, Erin tributed me lots of money of Niteflirt today. That was him showing his gratitude to me for allowing him to get fucked by my 10 inch strapon up his nasty little sissy asshole, and of course, forcing him to dress up in panties and stockings like the little loser half-man he is 😀

His cock is seriously so little that he knows his wife won’t touch him and cheats on him infront of his face and theres nothing he can do about it cause he’s such a wimp. She just uses him for his money .. but of course she gets the backseat to me. I’m younger, hotter and the princess. I get the meat of the money and she gets the bones ya know what I’m saying? She’s lucky I’m so generous.

Newayz, I think I’ll go shopping at Neimans and get some Juicy .. or maybe a new bag or shoes. I can’t decide yet.

As always I love new money slaves so join the fun. For wallet Raping by phone

Went Shopping with Short Dick Money Slave

My little short dick Asian money pet, Lee spent about 3 hours on the phone with me this morning on Niteflirt. This guy is so fuckin lame and he knows it. He’s a stereotypical Asian nerd who jerks off to Anime, has no friends, and works some boring career that has something to do with numbers .. not that I care about the details, I just care that he gets paid and hands his money over to me like a good little Pay Pet. That’s all I’m sayin.

Newayz .. for 3 hours I drained his bank account of money and raked up the charges on his credit card. I had so much fun as I teased him, humiliated his tiny penis and laughed my ass off at him for being such a loser at life. And .. seriously .. can you believe this little shit stain thinks that there’s some hope in this orld that someday I will fuck him? Ding Dork tributes me amounts of money and asks politely if I would ever touch his teenie dicky just hoping that I will finally say yes. LMAO! As if, loser.

He’d be so lucky if I were to even sit my perfect Princess ass on his pimple face and use him as a human seat while I do my hair and get ready to go on a date with a real man. I’d wiggle around to make sure his ugly nose is stuck so far up my tight ass that he can’t move or talk .. and if he suffocates and passes out in the process .. oh fucking well.

Newayz, after about 20 minutes of Tiny Cock Lee worshiping my hot, young ass and begging like a little lap dog to touch his Princess, I started to lose interest in his pathetic-ness so I put the phone down and ignored this dork while I got a snack and started to chat online with my friends.

Finally the dummy got the hint that I wasn’t seeing enough $$$ to waste anymore breath on him. He knows that the only thing about him that really excites me is his wallet, so I only remembered that he existed when I heard my little pay piggie oink “Princess .. I have another credit card. Wanna go shopping?”

No fucking shit I wanna go shopping! And oh boy did he spoil his Princess! Here’s what I made him buy me …

FUCK! I can’t wait until these arrive next week. I’m gonna look so fuckin gorgeous this winter and every girl in my class will be fuckin jealous of me. Annnd I can’t wait to head to the clubs in those boots and tease those fuckin horny ass dudes there. I’ll probably find a real man to fuck .. all on Piggy Lee’s money. And what? 😀

If you’re a pay pig who needs some financial domination by phone. CALL ME NOW!

Princess is Back!

I’m baaaaaaaack 😀 Miss me? OMG! I’ve been so crazy busy the past couple of weeks annnd I lost my phone line for a little while 🙁 I have so much to catch you guys up on but I guess I won’t go into too much detail because that would make a huge ass novel.

Newayz … I did the Speedating thing and it was fun! We had a great time but most of the guys were like boring, pervy dorks or had no money to spoil me and I was just like hell no. I ended up pairing with this guy named Tom who is really nice. He is 27, tall, blonde hair, wear glasses but still hella fuckin hot. We just hung out the rest of the night, we danced, partied and he bought me a few drinks. He was nice and exchanged numbers … I’ll probably see him again but I dunno.

Then that Sunday my friends thought it would be cool to go out to my friend, Grant’s lake house for the week. We mostly spent our time out in the lake in the boats, swimming, partying, drinking … the boys fished and bbq .. went shooting and stuff. Was pretty fun but it got old I missed the city 🙁

I did get laid. One day while every one else was asleep Grant and I couldn’t so we stayed up and watched some Troma movies and had some vodka, got drunk then we pretty much got really horny. We started kissing on the couch .. making out and he touched my pussy through my wet panties. I squeezed his hard cock through his pants and it was DO big and thick. Immediately I was like “OMG! Thank you LAWD!”
I was wearing a skirt and can you believe Grant just spread my legs, pushed my thong aside and started licking my pussy right then and there on the couch. He was reaaaaally good at it. It was hard for me not to moan loud and wake everybody up!!

So then afterwards we decided to go take a shower together and I sucked his dick while the water poured down on us. It was soooooo sexy. He was into it and moaning so loud, thrusting his wet cock deep into my mouth making it go down my throat. I love deepthroat 🙂 Especially on a real man with a huge cock. He ended up cumming so much but it tasted REALLY good so I swallowed every drop.

Then after that we ended up fucking late at night pretty much for the rest of the week. I had never fucked Grant before but his cock was so nice. He filled up my tight little young pussy real good and made me cum over and over 😀

College started. I didn’t really wanna take that many classes cause I’m not really interested in college right now. I have Comp 2, Art, and Dance class. My Comp 2 teacher is hot. I wanna fuck him. 🙂

Sissy Training and Small Dick Humiliation

ROFL! OMG! I love all you sissy boys on Niteflirt because, seriously?, you never fail to amuse me. I mean, I actually have fun on your calls cause you’re almost like one of my girl friends .. only most of you are too pathetic to actually be apart of my crew. But still .. I get to dress you in girlie panties, stockings and skirts, smear slutty make up all over your face, and most importantly, I get to train you up to be like the proper slut-whore you were obviously meant to be!

I had one guy call me just now in a FUCKIN THONG! with pink hearts on them and shit …. and stockings!!!! His said this is the only thing he could wear that made his little clitdick feel “appropriate”. [yeah pFFFT!]

I could tell he was getting off and tweaking his little pathetic dicky, getting his pretty panties all wet, while I laughed my ass off at him and his retard. Oh my fuckin god. LMAOROFLLOLOL!!

I also had another pretty sissy that I dressed up in make up and a nice, curly red wig. He wore thigh high stockings, a garter and nice little silk panties .. oh and 7 inch high heels while I arranged for him to get fucked in both of his slutty holes .. his pretty little lipstick mouth and his new man pussy. I had a great time training him to suck and choke on big dick taking it alll the way down and believe me, he did too. Yum!

Call me now, sissies! I love phone Humiliation

Feminization, Sissy Training, Phone Humiliation

I know all about you. Unfortunately you were born with a penis, when you wish you had a pussy. You were meant to be a man, but you fail so miserably at it. At night you close your eyes and fantasize what it would be like to be just like me .. young, hot, popular, a party girl, fun and surrounded loads of hot dick .. but you are so far from that.

Well, I am willing to help you. Noo you will never be as perfect as me, but I will train you up to be the hottest fuckin sissy slut on the block. Whether you’re looking for a BFF Role Model, or Mean Princess Mistress I can handle your awful situation. I have the natural ability to transform from sweetheart to raging bitch within seconds. Absolute losers get my worse treatment [I fuckin hate small dick dorks!]

Let’s get started. What’s your itch?

Make up




Dildo/ Strapon Training

Forced Bisexuality

Money Whore Slave

Glory Hole Slut

Forced Feminization

Small Dick Humiliation

I Love Real Men!

I slept until like 2 pm so I’m bored right now and can’t sleep. I hate when this happens because nights get sooooo boring and no one is awake 🙁
So what’s Princess Bridgette want to do for fun if she could get her way? Honestly? I wanna get fucked! A big hard dick in my tight, shaved little pink pussy pounding me all fucking hard .. no wimp loser fag boys like you.

I wanna call up Matt, my big dick fuck buddy, and have him come over and do the baby dance with me (minus the baby) but I know he’s sleeping right now and lives an hour a way. Booo! I like Matt the best because of the chemistry we have. He has a thick, 8 inch dick and knows how to use it. When he flips me over in doggystyle his cock slides deep inside of my pussy and rubs against my g-spot the whole time and it feels amazing! Plus hes not afraid to get rough, throw me around and spank me. No one has done me in doggy like him. 🙁

Newayz, I decided to watch some porn. Just browsing random shit trying to find something that looks interesting and OMG! I saw this guy and I was like WTF??!! and got soooo fucking turned on. LOOOOK!!!

Do you loves it? Total DILF material because I bet he’s like 30-something .. obviously an older man but still.. haaaawt and a nice big cock too. I’d def show him a good time with a younger girl and let him throw it in my tight teen pussy. Hmm .. good looks, big dick, he licks ass and loves anal .. WE HAVE A WINNER!
I better have some compensation coming soon just sayin … I’m all about this dude right now and watching him pumping that chick in stockings has me done for. Lucky fuckin bitch.

If you’re up callllllll me now!!! Keep me company or lets cum a few times

Sexy Brunette Princess

Ehhh I dunno I’m starting to feel too “brunette” now. I started getting bored being blonde so I switched over but now I’m started to feel like I need highlights or something again. Eh I dunno. It’s probably just a brat phase. Kinda like the time when I was 6ish I went through a phase where I thought my parents where gonna die soon. Then when I was 16 I went through a phase where I thought I was gonna die soon. Strange times. Whatever, I do like this pic tho cuz I was lookin hella fuckin sexy. I had on my strapless brown and blue bikini underneath and I looked fuckin fabulous in it if I do say so myself .. and what! I was pretty fucked some margaritas at this point tho! It was when Danny and I were hanging out by the water getting wet, drunk .. got wild and had some crazy times like us college girls and boys do.

Spoiled Princess Now, Trophy Wife Later

Hmm … I got my nails done today and they’re the BEST manicure and pedicure I’ve ever had done. She did such a good job, I’m going to this chick from now on. I would take pictures but my dad went out of town and took his camera with him sooo w/e.

Newayz .. ugh another day in college blah blah blah. Right now I don’t even know why I’m going because I don’t really care and my parents say I really don’t have to go if I don’t want but .. eh if I don’t I’ll get bored while all of my friends are away and what not. I love my parents <3 They treat me like such a Princess! Which I am of course. Heeey ... remember that show “Meet the Barkers” from forever ago with Travis and Shanna? Foreal though when I get married I’m going to be just like she sleeps all day and doesn’t do shit and is just spoiled by her man. She's like a total trophy wife. Covered with diamonds, jewelry, goes shopping on his credit cards, stays up late to party and get drunk? FUCK YEAH! I mean ... that's how I am now but instead of being spoiled by a husband I’m spoiled by my parents … and my Niteflirt findom pay piggies :P. I took some pics at the bbq last night. Ross is supposed to send them to me so I should have a few posted up tomorrow.

Hot Teen Models

Soo today I woke up at around 2 p.m. and hung out with Amanda a couple hours later. We were chillin out at her parents’ house when Ross called and asked us to come over for some drinks cause he had Diego and Mike (his friends from college) over and they wanted some babes around and have a little mini party hahaha. They are really awesome fun guys so we said hell yeah. We had sooo much fun! We ate snacks, watched some scary movies, hit the bong ..ya know … Ohh fuck .. I had three cups of “7 and 7″s .. and OMG I had never tried one before but they got me heeeella fucked up drunk, wild and crazy. I was seriously up on the coffee table flashing everyone like a fuckin slut LMAO! GAAH! Oh wellz, I feel good but I’m cool now 🙂 Diego took me home he’s such a cutie. xoxo

Oh! Oh! Newayz .. while me and Amanda were out today a guy named Slip (yeah I know .. wtf??) approached us and asked us if we wanted to be feature girls/models at this Speed Dating thing thats goin on Saturday at some new club. He says we basically sit at a table and these guys who have already bought tickets will come around and have 7 minute date with us and at the end we pick a guy to actually go out with. I got took his card and said maybe .. I guess it would be fun. I have to find a new outfit though especially cause afterwards all of us girls have to do little photoshoots, model and then theres gonna be an after party. I was thinking of wearing something really short and sexy. I saw this dressed I HELLA HELLA liked at Saks yesterday … (The Dress)

Cute huh? I dunno it may not be short enough though and I wish they had it in pink .. but I could rock it with some cute stockings and high heels.

Neway.. I just hope the guys there are hot and rich. The promoters wanted to make a big splash by having some really gorgeous, young girls available to date on the first ever dating party .. but still .. that shit has to be 2 ways ya hear me. If they’re ugly I’m over it but a hot young guy, well hot RICH older man too, could be cool. I could like keep him around or make him a new fuck buddy or something. I dunno .. we’ll see and I’ll write about it!

Here’s another picture from Sunday .. click on it