Hot Teen Models

Soo today I woke up at around 2 p.m. and hung out with Amanda a couple hours later. We were chillin out at her parents’ house when Ross called and asked us to come over for some drinks cause he had Diego and Mike (his friends from college) over and they wanted some babes around and have a little mini party hahaha. They are really awesome fun guys so we said hell yeah. We had sooo much fun! We ate snacks, watched some scary movies, hit the bong ..ya know … Ohh fuck .. I had three cups of “7 and 7″s .. and OMG I had never tried one before but they got me heeeella fucked up drunk, wild and crazy. I was seriously up on the coffee table flashing everyone like a fuckin slut LMAO! GAAH! Oh wellz, I feel good but I’m cool now 🙂 Diego took me home he’s such a cutie. xoxo

Oh! Oh! Newayz .. while me and Amanda were out today a guy named Slip (yeah I know .. wtf??) approached us and asked us if we wanted to be feature girls/models at this Speed Dating thing thats goin on Saturday at some new club. He says we basically sit at a table and these guys who have already bought tickets will come around and have 7 minute date with us and at the end we pick a guy to actually go out with. I got took his card and said maybe .. I guess it would be fun. I have to find a new outfit though especially cause afterwards all of us girls have to do little photoshoots, model and then theres gonna be an after party. I was thinking of wearing something really short and sexy. I saw this dressed I HELLA HELLA liked at Saks yesterday … (The Dress)

Cute huh? I dunno it may not be short enough though and I wish they had it in pink .. but I could rock it with some cute stockings and high heels.

Neway.. I just hope the guys there are hot and rich. The promoters wanted to make a big splash by having some really gorgeous, young girls available to date on the first ever dating party .. but still .. that shit has to be 2 ways ya hear me. If they’re ugly I’m over it but a hot young guy, well hot RICH older man too, could be cool. I could like keep him around or make him a new fuck buddy or something. I dunno .. we’ll see and I’ll write about it!

Here’s another picture from Sunday .. click on it