Feminization, Sissy Training, Phone Humiliation

I know all about you. Unfortunately you were born with a penis, when you wish you had a pussy. You were meant to be a man, but you fail so miserably at it. At night you close your eyes and fantasize what it would be like to be just like me .. young, hot, popular, a party girl, fun and surrounded loads of hot dick .. but you are so far from that.

Well, I am willing to help you. Noo you will never be as perfect as me, but I will train you up to be the hottest fuckin sissy slut on the block. Whether you’re looking for a BFF Role Model, or Mean Princess Mistress I can handle your awful situation. I have the natural ability to transform from sweetheart to raging bitch within seconds. Absolute losers get my worse treatment [I fuckin hate small dick dorks!]

Let’s get started. What’s your itch?

Make up




Dildo/ Strapon Training

Forced Bisexuality

Money Whore Slave

Glory Hole Slut

Forced Feminization

Small Dick Humiliation