Sissy Training and Small Dick Humiliation

ROFL! OMG! I love all you sissy boys on Niteflirt because, seriously?, you never fail to amuse me. I mean, I actually have fun on your calls cause you’re almost like one of my girl friends .. only most of you are too pathetic to actually be apart of my crew. But still .. I get to dress you in girlie panties, stockings and skirts, smear slutty make up all over your face, and most importantly, I get to train you up to be like the proper slut-whore you were obviously meant to be!

I had one guy call me just now in a FUCKIN THONG! with pink hearts on them and shit …. and stockings!!!! His said this is the only thing he could wear that made his little clitdick feel “appropriate”. [yeah pFFFT!]

I could tell he was getting off and tweaking his little pathetic dicky, getting his pretty panties all wet, while I laughed my ass off at him and his retard. Oh my fuckin god. LMAOROFLLOLOL!!

I also had another pretty sissy that I dressed up in make up and a nice, curly red wig. He wore thigh high stockings, a garter and nice little silk panties .. oh and 7 inch high heels while I arranged for him to get fucked in both of his slutty holes .. his pretty little lipstick mouth and his new man pussy. I had a great time training him to suck and choke on big dick taking it alll the way down and believe me, he did too. Yum!

Call me now, sissies! I love phone Humiliation