Blackmail Bitch Jason

I love blackmail bitches that think they can get away with shit and that I’m playing when I tell them I’ll call them out. Take for instance this mouth breathing shit stain named Jason. He called me on Niteflirt a few days ago wanting me to blackmail him to is friends and family with his ridiculous fetishes and compromising pictures. Funny though the little dumb bitch thought I was joking and wouldn’t seriously make him my blackmail slave so he tried to make me promise him that it would end when we hung up the phone. Oh no no no dumb whore. Sucks for you I’m all real, piss me off I’m a huge bitch and I will make your life hell. I give you one chance to test me and then I call you out. So I’m guessing fagboy has decided to use up his one chance. After calling me for the 5th time in one day I grew bored with him and his pathetic little whining voice and put the phone down while I went to go do more important things like my nails and perfect my hair.
I told him this cock sucking fag boy to wait until I got back, but he decided I wasn’t serious and hung up.

Ok fine. You can test me once 🙂 Everyone check out this loser dickwag.

LMAO! How much you wanna bet he pisses his panties? Sucks for him my site gets hundreds of hits a day. It would suck if I plastered the rest of his pictures all over New York wouldn’t it?

Don’t fuck with me, bitches. I’m the wrong one.

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