Don’t Get Mad Cuz Your Dick is Too Small!

Ugggh .. Jared will NOT stop calling me! He’s the guy I hung out with Friday with his friends from college, but fucked a couple of months ago. WTF .. we were partying at a club and I was fucking drunk and horny … ok?? So I led him into the restroom, pulled up my skirt and let him fuck my horny little tight wet pussy then and there in doggystyle position. Ok .. Jared was NOT that great. I didn’t like his dick because it wasn’t teenie but wasn’t as big as I like. Like I said, being the perfect princess that I am I only deserve the biggest and the best. That was the last and only time I ever go beneath myself and take less than I deserve. Newayz … TO THE LEFT TO THE LEFT! I’m trying to brush my shoulders off and drop it like its hot! I’m too young for this stalker mess.

I know Jared is fuckin jealous I have been hanging out with his friend James. James is so fuckin hot and has a nice dick and knows how to use it! I swear we’ve been fucking every single day since like Friday and it’s like we just can’t get enough of each other. He gets me sooooo wet and makes me cum so hard. I love when he pounds my pussy and tosses me around in all kinds of different positions. And the way he sucks on my nipples puts me in heaven. Mmmm.

I’m getting so wet and horny thinking about it. Now I need a good phone fuck. I need all hard and horny dudes to call me NOW!