More Blackmail!

Sooo Blackmail Bitch Jason slithered out of his little hole a couple of days ago begging me to take down his embarrassing picture that I put up my last blog entry. After some whining and moaning (which does no good with me) and a deposit of money (which does do good) I released him from his misery and laughed my ass off in his face. LMAO.

I told you blackmail boys I’m serious. If you can’t pay don’t attempt to play.

Funny after my last entry 3 more blackmail snakes slithered out of their embarrassing little holes with more secrets they’re just dying (and paying) for me to keep from their wives, friends and coworkers. And they’re all absolutely hooked. LMAO.

If you have an embarrassing confession and want to be my blackmail slave bitch FILL OUT MY BLACKMAIL APPLICATION NOW and put down your deposit. I don’t do this shit for free.

Then click the button below for a phone fetish call.