Sissy PTVs, Blackmail Contract, Fart Fetish

Happy New Year freaks and geeks alike. First of all I had an AMAZING time out with my girls New Years night partying nonstop like Tik Tok on that ass. We went out dancing and drinking. I had such a great time grinding all over boys rubbing my hot ass in a skin tight black minidress all over them making them want to explode right in their pants and then just walking away LOL! I did come home a little earlier than usual though because after teasing men all night long I was feeling a little deviant so I decided I would get on Niteflirt and abuse drunken losers. Most of which were drunk horny cum guzzlers who wanted me to force them to throw their legs back and chug their own dick juice for my amusement LOL I really lost track how many dick burps I got that night.

So that reminds me New Year, I have a few new things .. New Website (obviously! do you love it?) New niteflirt look .. check it out

And I have a bunch of new and revised PTV games.

Are You a Fag? Quiz – Take my humiliating quiz to help you figure out your approximate level of faggotry! Questions and detailed answer score inside!

Jizz Pig Diet – Cum straight of the cup or straight out of your dick gets a little boring doesn’t it? Eating your own cum in the privacy of your own home is starting to get stale. I know you want to spice it up and secretly flaunt your perverted cravings in public. Thank god you have me here to help you do it with my Jizz Glutton Meal Plan.

NEW Blackmail Form + Slave Contract – New and Updated Blackmail Form as of 1/1/10! Absolutely REAL! Redesigned to suck you in and fuck you over as you hand over your life to me. Your dick will drip in excitement as you hand over your personal information and secrets.

NEW Don’t be Poor, be a Whore Assignment
– Your whore shift starts NOW! 3 Slut Job Assignments inside.

Ass Pics – 5 large, high-quality pics of my perfect princess ass and sweet, puckered little ass hole. Perfect for ass boys and fart lovers to jizz over!

Fart Fetish MP3 – 7 minute long MP3 of me teasing you with my perfect ass before I use your face as my personal ass cushion and let out nice juicy, smelly farts all over your face!

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