Cum Training

Cum guzzlers have been cumming out of the woodwork lately looking for me to help them slurp down their own filthy, disgusting loads. You dick burps just love it when I force you to jerk off and suck down your own loads don’t you? I love cum training! Such hilarious calls each and every time.

One dickaholic named Chuck actually bought all of my sissy and cum eating PTVs then clicked my tribute buttons as many times as I told him to just for the chance to be humiliated by me and allowed to bust a load in his own loser mouth for MY entertainment. That’s my type of loser! Well trained and ready to show me the money. I went and got my nails done after and bought a new pair of ruffle butt panties to wear for a date I have coming up Friday. Honestly, there’s nothing better than making a loser pay for things that will help get a real bull alpha man off. Things a peon like you will never in your life get the chance to see! LMAO

Teen Princess Valentine’s Date

Ok sooo I had a great Valentine’s Day. My date was a guy I know from my college named Brent. I know him from this semester because he sits behind me in Math and would always tell me how hot I am and try to get my attention. He’s totally my type, tall, lean with muscles, tanned, has money. He finally asked me out about two weeks ago and I decided of all the guys I was thinking about spending Valentine’s Day with I’d have the best time with him.

Anyway, when he picked me up he gave me a dozen of red roses, then we went to a concert to see a local rock band that he’s into play at this Sweethearts bash kinda thing. That was fun! I was so happy he’s 21 because he bought me a few Jello Shots and we sipped on a little beer .. I hate beer but whatever it’s a concert venue and they don’t have all of the fancy drinks I like 🙁 Anyway getting a little tipsy made everything better. After the show and after he took me for dinner we made out like HARDCORE in the back of his Eclipse. Let’s just say things got a little crazy. He all had my shirt up around my chest squeezing my perky tits and after awhile he worked his hand into my jeans, pushed my thong to the side and started rubbing my slippery, shaved teen pussy. OMG I was so turned on by him that it didn’t take long for me to let out a loud moan and cum all over his fingers. Which of course he licked after and turned me on like mad even more!

After that we continued to make out while I kept rubbing his cock and I’m not even lying when I say it is BIG! 8 inches, thick, perfectly straight .. just my type 🙂 I had run teasing him, licking the head of his dick or sucking it only like 3 seconds at a time driving him crazy. In the end he busted a hot nut 🙂 Mmm I love sexy, REAL men.

Salivate on that! I’ll be on Niteflirt tonight for hot phone sex and fetish domination. Give me a call!

My Birthday Month!

That’s right your Princess is turning 20 years old this month! My birthdays are never a one day celebration, especially not this year, I’m partying all month long! Now is the time to help me get off an awesome year (my first as an adult) by celebrating with me and sending me something nice.

Losers boys  and sissies- this is your first and ONLY chance to get me super wet and excited over you .. by sending a big tribute or UPS truck to my house filled with wicked surprises ALL FOR ME!


My Wishlist

E-gift card (mail to

(gifts I want to buy from Nordstrom)
Coach Poppy bag

Neiman Marcus
E-gift card

(gifts I want from Neiman)

Roberto Cavalli ‘Bling’ (sunglasses)
Oliver Peoples ‘Strummer’ (sunglasses)
Prada ‘Studded’ (sunglasses)
Valentino ‘Open Temple’ (sunglasses)
Ugg Classics (shoes)

Also, quite a few of you have been wondering where I been the past couple of weeks. The answer .. SUPER SICK! I’m finally feeling better so tonight I’m back .. and if my birthday wasn’t enough, my recovery from the flu is all the more reason to spoil me! Hehe