My Birthday Month!

That’s right your Princess is turning 20 years old this month! My birthdays are never a one day celebration, especially not this year, I’m partying all month long! Now is the time to help me get off an awesome year (my first as an adult) by celebrating with me and sending me something nice.

Losers boys  and sissies- this is your first and ONLY chance to get me super wet and excited over you .. by sending a big tribute or UPS truck to my house filled with wicked surprises ALL FOR ME!


My Wishlist

E-gift card (mail to

(gifts I want to buy from Nordstrom)
Coach Poppy bag

Neiman Marcus
E-gift card

(gifts I want from Neiman)

Roberto Cavalli ‘Bling’ (sunglasses)
Oliver Peoples ‘Strummer’ (sunglasses)
Prada ‘Studded’ (sunglasses)
Valentino ‘Open Temple’ (sunglasses)
Ugg Classics (shoes)

Also, quite a few of you have been wondering where I been the past couple of weeks. The answer .. SUPER SICK! I’m finally feeling better so tonight I’m back .. and if my birthday wasn’t enough, my recovery from the flu is all the more reason to spoil me! Hehe