My Recovery and $$

What’s up nerd fucks? 😀  I’m happy to be back on my site writing a new blog post after a long absence! Many of you have been wondering where the fuck I’ve been and have noticed me MIA and inconsistent at best about getting on Niteflirt, and doming in general. Well, I do have an explanation which is that I never intentionally wanted to quit being a mistress or to be as flaky about it as I have been, it’s just that, sadly, I happened upon a bit of unfortunate circumstances that prevented me from being able to be myself and that includes appropriately doing this work.

rcvry1 Basically about 2 years ago I was in a hit and run car wreck where a truck smashed into me causing me to hit the car ahead of me, then sped off. It was a pretty bad collision which totaled my car, forced me into legal drama, and caused me problems with anxiety, PTSD, and even depression. Mentally I’ve lost a bit of focus and haven’t found pleasure in doing things I used to do. All of the stress and worry eventually gave me frequent stomach pains and ulcers which I’ve had to go to the hospital to treat. Thankfully I am in therapy now, have been getting regular medical treatment, and overall I have slowly been getting better and looking forward to things I used to enjoy, including abusing all of you! 😀 The past couple of months I’ve been signing onto NF more often to get back in a routine of doing something I enjoy again. I’m so happy that many of my old subbies are still around and calling , me, and I’m happy to have spoken to a few new ones too! It makes me feel sooo good to be missed and welcomed back by you guys. Honestly, I have the best crew of sissies, cock suckers, losers, wimps and limp dicks in the entire world! I really love the relationships I’ve sustained with all of you over all the years. We’ve had great times, many laughs, an intense fetish relationship, and even have developed personal friendships as well. I look forward to many more years of fetish play.

As I move forward in a  more positive direction in my personal life, I want to put it out there that any contributions you guys could put forward to helping me financially recover from the debt this catastrophe has put me would be SO appreciated. Ideally I would like money to pay off lawyer fees, medical fees, therapy, and to help fund a new car to replace the one that was wrecked. Now that I feel better I want to get on my feet and move on in life as quickly as possible so I can finally forget all of this.  My goal for my recovery fund is $25,000 which I hope to achieve over the next 6 or so months. I’d love it if you guys could help me reach this goal, it would mean sooo much to me.


Here’s how you can do it.

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Thank you guys, this would mean a lot to me! MWAHS!

Bridgette Renee