Jumbo Black Dick


So, I saw this black monster dick on Tumblr and knew I had to post it for you fags to see. I wonder how many of you can suck huge dick better than she can .. I mean, she was pretty pathetic … she could only take the head! I know some of you sluts would love to unhinge your jaw and swallow the whole thing .. matter of fact I’ve seen some of you do it lol. But dayum, thats like a real life 12 inch jumbo dick. Wowowow.

Speaking of sluts and jumbo black dicks Brendan Scahill aka Sissy BB gave me a call today! I love BB simply for his extensive catalog of photographic proof that shes a dick loving slut. He’s always wearing satiny lacey lingerie with holes in the back to get fucked in the ass lol … and he always has something in his ass wheether its dildos, butt plugs, black dick, white dick lol. What a ho! I love sluts. Seriously I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I never became a phone domme and learned through you freaks about everything thats wrong with the world. LMAO!

I added 3 new humiliating mp3s to my goodie store today.