Monique Got Wallet Raped, Anthony Guzzeled Jizz, You’re Giving me your MONEY!!!

Hey Nerds! Ugh, the last few weeks have been so stressful for me. I’ve been going and shopping nonstop preparing for my Spring Break trip to Las Vegas! I’m super excited because I’ve never been and clearly it’s amazing, so I’ve wanted to look amazing while I’m there .. which means a shit ton of shopping for … EVERYTHING! Clothes, shoes, luggage, purses, make up lol. Today I’m getting my eyelashes done, tomorrow I’m getting a haircut, mani pedi and then off I go! Weeee. I cannot wait.

Ugh, this plus some other things has had me feeling super stressed. So much so that, unfortunately, I haven’t been on Niteflirt as much as I’d like because I just have not had the strength to adequately fuck up all of your lives. I know a ton of you have missed me .. and truth be told … I’ve missed taking your money!

Before I took my short hiatus, Sissy Monique crawled out of his rat hole where he’d been hiding for a few weeks trying to break his habit of being a pathetic panty wearing, shoe fucking bitch. Like every other faggot he couldn’t stay away for too long, came back to me begging to give me the tingly feelings of fucking his life and his bank account. Naturally, you try to get away from me I’m gonna make you feel the pain. I sucked $2,000 out of that bitch until his credit card just couldn’t take it anymore and back into the rat hole he scattered lol.


Then theres Black Fag Anthony who I know all of you BBC sluts are so jealous of. This nerd is a self suck black bitch which I find as disappointing as all of you, who cannot get enough of sucking on his own BBC and swallowing mouth fuls of his own cum. This bitch literally gets a mouth full of black dick and black jizz all he likes, living the dream like you pathetic pasty fags wish you could lol. Check out the new pics I got from our last session



Anyway, I’m gonna be on NF for the next few days before my trip. Stop by and give me all of your money so I can spend it lavishly while I’m there! Later nerds!