About Me

My name is Bridgette Renee, but you can call me Princess Bridgette! I’m a spoiled, devilish mistress who controls dorks like you with my sexy, manipulative ways. I wrap men around my finger on the daily, using only the sound of my sexy voice, my tight body, and gorgeous face. I’m so ethereal that men can’t help but to give me everything I want, so I’ve become quite accustomed to getting whatever I desire … I hope you understand that upfront and are ready to give 😉

Name: Bridgette Renee

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Greenish-Hazel

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 115

Bra Size: 32-B with big, perky nipples

Hobbies: Shaking my ass, shopping, alcohol, getting high, gettin ma nails did, music, movies, porn.

Things I Love: Sex, hot guys, big dicks, alphas, black dudes, men with lots of money.

Things I HATE: Little dicks, chumps with no money, loser dorks, ugly people.

Princess Fetish Mistress: I’m a sexy mistress who loves exploiting and abusing Losers, Wimps, Sissies, Cuckolds and Pervs for MY amusement! I will use you up and suck you right into my twisted web through humiliation, blackmail, sissy pimping, forced bi, big dick worship, creampie slurping, forced cum eating, sissy slave assignments, ptv loser games, phone domination and more!