Ass Bitches & BBC Bitches

I woke up this morning feeling particularly peppy and in a great mood so it made me even more in the mood to abuse stupid cock sucking losers like YOU.

I’ve had such an influx of losers lately who are so eager to worship me in all my Princess glory. First there are the ass worship losers bow to me by kissing my ass, sticking their big losers noses right up my pink puckered rosebud and completely suffocating between my perfect princess asscheeks! HAHAHAH!

And then there are those losers who are ready to get used and abused by me and my big black cock bulls and sidekicks. And you wimps know that we love fucking up a bitch! You WILL leave out bruised and battered LMAO!

Which bitch are you?

Went Shopping with Short Dick Money Slave

My little short dick Asian money pet, Lee spent about 3 hours on the phone with me this morning on Niteflirt. This guy is so fuckin lame and he knows it. He’s a stereotypical Asian nerd who jerks off to Anime, has no friends, and works some boring career that has something to do with numbers .. not that I care about the details, I just care that he gets paid and hands his money over to me like a good little Pay Pet. That’s all I’m sayin.

Newayz .. for 3 hours I drained his bank account of money and raked up the charges on his credit card. I had so much fun as I teased him, humiliated his tiny penis and laughed my ass off at him for being such a loser at life. And .. seriously .. can you believe this little shit stain thinks that there’s some hope in this orld that someday I will fuck him? Ding Dork tributes me amounts of money and asks politely if I would ever touch his teenie dicky just hoping that I will finally say yes. LMAO! As if, loser.

He’d be so lucky if I were to even sit my perfect Princess ass on his pimple face and use him as a human seat while I do my hair and get ready to go on a date with a real man. I’d wiggle around to make sure his ugly nose is stuck so far up my tight ass that he can’t move or talk .. and if he suffocates and passes out in the process .. oh fucking well.

Newayz, after about 20 minutes of Tiny Cock Lee worshiping my hot, young ass and begging like a little lap dog to touch his Princess, I started to lose interest in his pathetic-ness so I put the phone down and ignored this dork while I got a snack and started to chat online with my friends.

Finally the dummy got the hint that I wasn’t seeing enough $$$ to waste anymore breath on him. He knows that the only thing about him that really excites me is his wallet, so I only remembered that he existed when I heard my little pay piggie oink “Princess .. I have another credit card. Wanna go shopping?”

No fucking shit I wanna go shopping! And oh boy did he spoil his Princess! Here’s what I made him buy me …

FUCK! I can’t wait until these arrive next week. I’m gonna look so fuckin gorgeous this winter and every girl in my class will be fuckin jealous of me. Annnd I can’t wait to head to the clubs in those boots and tease those fuckin horny ass dudes there. I’ll probably find a real man to fuck .. all on Piggy Lee’s money. And what? 😀

If you’re a pay pig who needs some financial domination by phone. CALL ME NOW!