Monique wears literal GIRLS CLOTHES!!!!

I don’t know how Monique manages to top himself time and time again in the derp weirdo category but OMG this time he managed to freaking AGAIN!!!!! He called me up to tell me his mother had busted him wearing her clothes, stretching them out and sashaying around in them feeling like a sissy cougar, leaving cum stains all over the place and needless to say she fucking flipped. For some reason this flipped a switch in Monique and he decided he must go to Walmart and buy his own pantyhose, underwear, and other female clothing .. but get this the weirdo was in the underwear department for the womens but got called feet when he saw there were associates working there in the fitting rooms. He didn’t want anyone to see him and think he was strange so he decided to go to the little girls section like wtf? how is that any less strange? who does he not stick out even more? yeah i dont know know, Monique is a fucking idiot. His brain doesn’t work because he’s nearly as braindead as Caitlyn. So he decides to pick out a bunch of pantyhose meant for preteens and squeeze his grown man body and tiny sissy stick into them because he thinks they feel so sensual and sexy lol. He loves it so much that he went back to Walmart and bought even more pairs like wtfff???!!! Check out the pics yooo

New Filthy Bitch … Sissy Jenny!

OMG YOU GUYS!!! A couple of days ago I had the funniest motherfucker call me named Sissy Jenny. The call started off with the bitch touching his sissy clit all moaning in the phone telling me he just got back from the glory hole sucking on some black dick. Slut then shoved a butt plug in his ass and started squealing like a pig and chanted “I’m a sissy faggot hoe” over and over again. Of course being who I am I laughed my ass off and told her what a nasty cunt she is but nothing prepared me for what happened after she licked them cum in her mouth. She stayed for some conversation for a few hours and told me of her disgusting sexcapades , how she will fuck anything. She tries her best to glory hole but is that aint working out she gets on Grindr and starts searching for dick to get her grubby lipstick mouth on. She then picked up her phone and started “grinding” while I listened. The dirty bitch had her phone with dudes wanting to fuck her gaping sissy asshole. The first dude sent her some pics and they sexted a bit until the boring motherfucker told her he’d come over with condoms and lube. “NOPE!”, Jenny immediately shouted. “What kinda sissy does he take me for?!” She will fuck anything, any man, any dick as long as there is no condom and a complimentary spit lol

Only dirty sex for this sissy!

Dood can you believe there was actually a dude from Grindr who came over to Jenny’s place, took one look at her, “Said you don’t look like your pictures” then turned and walked away … WTF was he expecting?! Could it have gotten any worse than this?! Did she look less thrashy that day or ..?!

Monique is a Money Rat

So last night this dumbfuck called and I sat the phone down for 5 hours cooking, browsing the net, playing games, chatting with friends because I didn’t really feel like hearing his stupid voice or interacting with him in any sort of way cuz he bores me out of my fucking mind. Eventually he got the hint and fell asleep as I completely drained his account of thousands of dollars. When he woke up he sent me a text thanking me for raping his wallet LOL!!!

He also sent me more disgusting pics of himself dressed in his mothers clothes, wearing nylons, showing off his nasty clit peen or “sissy stick” as we call it waiting in that hotel room preparing to be ass fucked. Ewww if I’m forced to look at these so are you freaks

I sent him a picture of the 6 inch broken high heels I am arranging for him to marry. His sissy stick tingled in delight over the sight of his blushing brides as we proceeded to make wedding plans. The shoes will be wrapped in a veil and he will be in a dress. On the wedding night he will wrap his peen in one of my old torn up nylons and proceed to consummate the marriage with his brides.


Random, but he claims before the shoes this was his girlfriend that he recently broke up with … do you believe this shit? I don’t, but whatevs!


Monique is currently snoring on the phone while I type this out and move on to watching Netflix or playing another game on my pc lol. Let’s see how much this bitch is drained for tonight. 😉

The Sad, Unfortunate Wives of Fags Club

I had some fun calls this week, 2 stood out the most. One was a small dick cock face I’ll call DD who has the unusual situation of being married to a beautiful wife he doesn’t deserve because of his pathetic teenie tiny little shriveled up penis. This loser has been holding the poor woman captive for 11 years forcing his little shrimp dick on her and depriving her of the real long dong she deserves in her life because sadly she insists on being a faithful wife to him .. or so she says. I honestly can’t believe it, not when she’s fucked other men longer and bigger in her past. How can anyone look past that and not miss it? There’s no way this little 4 inch peepee is getting her off the way she wants, I’m convinced she is cheating and really I’m scheming up ways to make sure she does, putting her in positions where she can’t help but resist large dick and telling her little fag husband to fuck off. This is a work in progress let’s see how it turns out!

The second is my sissy cheerleader fag jason who I have been talking to for a long time. I enjoy his enthusiasm for being a cheer captain, making the team and performing for dick. This slut will take a big manly dick anyway you give it to her and has been training to be fucked with or without lube and being happy about it either way! He cracked me the fuck up telling me about how he had to cheer for his favorite football team this past Sunday with his little cheer skirt pulled up, being fucked by a large cock and waving his little pom poms in the air! Lol! The sad AND funny thing is this whore is also actually married to a beautiful wife who has no idea how many cock this faggot has taken down his throat and up his ass. To remind him of what a failure he is he is forced to look at pictures of her while he sucks that dick and gets it rammed up his ass and also has to cheer her name. So fucking pathetic but hilarious. These poor, poor wives.

Lastly, a bonus video of BRENDAN SCAHILL getting fucked in the ass by a big black dick. Sigh, so many faggots everywhere!

Caitlyn is a Useless, Black Dick Obsessed Whore

Sup, fags? Have you all missed me? Of course you have, none of you halfwits can function without me. You need me to make your life right, interesting. You need me to fulfill you and give you purpose 😀 I have to say that (without you :D) I had a great summer filled with drugs, alcohol, partying, traveling, swimming, being hot and fucking big dick. 😀 But fall is upon us and its time to get back to doing what I do best .. fuck up some loser fags 😀

OMG speaking of, I’ve been holding on to this for a little while now. You all know that desperately faggy slut, Caitlyn. I talked to this drunk whore a couple months ago and she showed me her tumblr, completely dedicated to real, butch black men fucking little white homo bitches like him, and just black dick period. The thirst was real I was actually quite impressed. I’ve seen some black dick sluts before, but never someone who is as hopelessly braindead on dick like this cum dump. Like I’m completely, and totally convinced that every thing she tells me is truth because she obviously cannot focus on anything else in her pathetic miserable little life. Black dick is the only thing that her pathetic existence revolves around, and I bet if someone tried take it away she’d have no choice but to kill herself, what purpose would there be to go on in life? :DDDD

Well luckily, the bitch doesn’t have to die, thanks to me and her wifey she’ll never run out of black dick being rammed up inside her chubby little fuck hole. Seriously, check out this pic she posted on her tumblr.


LOL you know black dudes love fucking her because its the closest thing to fucking a chick. Just flip her over doggy and let her handle that clit dick, while they ram her from behing and watch her thick white ass jiggle every time they blow her in deep. I know she moans like a little faggot too lol, hitting all of the high notes.

Here’s a recorded conversation from the last time I talked to this cum stain, explaining why she makes a useless dude and deserves black dick shoved up her ass.

Church of Princess Fuck You Up

Hey there perverts! Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend as mine was quite awesome. I had bbq with my family with burgers, hot dogs and steak. I swear to gawd I ate about 5 cheeseburgers which sounds hella gluttonous but I give no fucks because grilled cheeseburgers are my favorite. I did some minor fireworks with the kids but I wasn’t really in the mood to pop any or watch this year. I also did a bit of shopping for shorts and new organic beauty products to try 😀 I still haven’t had the little spa day I wanted because I just haven’t had the time. I have been spending alot of time with my new Papi and you losers 😀

So let’s get right into that. Just as I expected, all of you minions responded quite positively to my Weed Post and rushed to contribute to my mission through calls, tributes, and goodie purchases on Niteflirt and I have to say you all made your Superior Princess quite proud with your efforts 😀 New and old subs alike, you all followed suit in rushing to me for guidance, counseling and life management 😉 my phone rang so much I could hardly catch a breath :DDD Annnnnd like I said I would, I happily got my lil toke on as I used and abused you lost sheep for hours on end. You know, you dorks do the funniest and most fucked up shit for the sake of a nut and the jollies of hot girl lmao. That’s why I love being me 😀 I get paid just to sit back and watch the show 😀 Just as a princess should!

I got several new converts this weekend who were so excited to serve me and I have to say each and every one was fun as hell. Like I laughed until I was sick and counted $$$ to heal myself. Ryan is a Humiliation Fag and loves being outed for what he is: a pathetic, wimp loser fagerella. I made this homo perform for me on cam while I was busy saving away evidence to share with the rest of you fairies. Laugh with me, bitches! Lol ….

So excited to be doing this lol Typical Attention Whore

Sissy yo’self, bitch!


Feeling so glamorous and pretty already lol. Tiny dickie is liking this makeover lmao.

Begging to brand himself in my holy name.


Bitch begging to blow his load forcing me to look at this burnt, shriveled up sausage he calls a penis lol.

Gwuiieeeuuugggg. Well, another loser taken to paradise on Princess Bridgette’s Ride to Ruin lol


Get it? Cum Slut? Loooooool you dirt bags.

Then yet another BlackDickCumDump showed up begging me, the good Reverend Bridgette Renee, to accept him into my Church of Princess FuckYouUp and Superior Black Gods. This faggot sounds hella wigger so I know he’s from the hood and has already taken a black dick or few up his ass before he got here, but no matter. Doin Gods’ work 😀 So 8 Mile here decided to impress me with a Black Dick Lord’s Prayer that he wrote just for me. Listen to this shit right now lol

Holy fuck I loved it. Call me immediately with your own prayers that is a command. Or message it to me right away. This an assignment for all you cock smugglers. Make 8Mile’s prayer your mantra and let it guide you and inspire you. All of this fun and money makes my shaved, pretty princess pussy super wet and happy. It’s the closest you losers will ever get to turning me on so might as well keep it going while you can lol. 😀 <3

Mean Bratty Mistress goes on a SPH rant

nf-shrimpdick1So its raining out and I’m sitting up in my underwear smoking a blunt, listening to rap music and feeling like a bad bitch when I got the overwhelming urge to humiliate some impotent retards. High out of my mind I decided to make an mp3 kicked back at my desk going on a long, bratty, snobby, matter-of-fact rant humiliating you for being a digusting, disgraceful, short dick faggot. I even stop mid rant, light up my blunt and disrespectfully blow the smoke in your face then proceed to tell you how much I hate you and what a lame dick fag fuck you are. You get used, abused and degraded some more before I force you to jerk off while humiliating yourself and doing some faggy shit.

Buy the 11 minute mp3 here Buy from BridgetteRenee through

Little Dick Cuckolds

So what’s up Sissies, Losers, Cock-eaters and Skanks. How was your weekend? I knooow if you didn’t call me it was shitty cuz I was where the party was at 😀 It seems like this weekend all of the freaks came out .. and by freaks I mean little dickie losers. I love small penis humiliation because it’s a chance to put these retarded, misprints in life in their place and show them just how much they suck (and some times literally).

It seems out of the several who called me none were bigger than 5 inches and that’s only if they were absolutely rock hard. LMAO. Used to being picked on in life, all of these dweebettes called me for small penis humiliation and humiliation phone sex. My absolute favorite thing is listening to their stories of horror and torment, recounting times that women laughed at them and put them down for little dicks, some of them even “kind enough to have pity sex with these tiny dick bastards lol. The good thing is that most already knew their place and knew they were just burn to be a cock eating faggot, since obviously they weren’t meant to be a manly man with a big ol donkey dick. LMAO. And you know that’s all I ask. As long as you know you’re meant to be a cuckold wimp and take a dick in the mouth for my entertainment and also clean up a juicy cum load then I’ll be more than happy to make sure you receive.

One of my most consistent cuckold fags is named O-tard. He’s a black loser with a tiny dick and dweeby personality who just loves it when I cuckold him by make him suck my boyfriends’ dicks and take their juicy cum load to the face. This cock breath fluffer usually tries to put up a fight and convince me that he’s manly enough for me, no matter how many dicks he is made to suck, but who the fuck is he fooling? He wishes he was a BBC brother slanging the big black cock for other cuckold wimps, but it just was not meant to be. He is meant to please and serve me for the rest of eternity. I think he’s slowly starting to get it LOL.

Are you a little dick loser who badly needs to be humiliated or a cuckold who needs to be put in his place? Call me now and say “Ahhh!!!”, BITCH!

Don’t Get Mad Cuz Your Dick is Too Small!

Ugggh .. Jared will NOT stop calling me! He’s the guy I hung out with Friday with his friends from college, but fucked a couple of months ago. WTF .. we were partying at a club and I was fucking drunk and horny … ok?? So I led him into the restroom, pulled up my skirt and let him fuck my horny little tight wet pussy then and there in doggystyle position. Ok .. Jared was NOT that great. I didn’t like his dick because it wasn’t teenie but wasn’t as big as I like. Like I said, being the perfect princess that I am I only deserve the biggest and the best. That was the last and only time I ever go beneath myself and take less than I deserve. Newayz … TO THE LEFT TO THE LEFT! I’m trying to brush my shoulders off and drop it like its hot! I’m too young for this stalker mess.

I know Jared is fuckin jealous I have been hanging out with his friend James. James is so fuckin hot and has a nice dick and knows how to use it! I swear we’ve been fucking every single day since like Friday and it’s like we just can’t get enough of each other. He gets me sooooo wet and makes me cum so hard. I love when he pounds my pussy and tosses me around in all kinds of different positions. And the way he sucks on my nipples puts me in heaven. Mmmm.

I’m getting so wet and horny thinking about it. Now I need a good phone fuck. I need all hard and horny dudes to call me NOW!

Princess ♥ Cock and Ball Punishments!

got a new submissive male today on Niteflirt named Joe. He wanted to be dominated by a hot, young, superior female .. LIKE ME, and have his cock and balls tortured over the phone. This made me happy cuz .. as you know I fuckin HATE small dicks. I think they’re so nasty and ugly and they piss me off! I’m such a sweet princess and I truly deserve better than that. Only the biggest and most pleasurable of cocks on the hottest of guys are worth my time, and I’m glad when clitdick boyz acknowledge and accept that.

Newayz .. it was fun to to do a little phone torture and humiliation during the call. Some of the things we did .. I crushed his balls with my new Italian leather stiletto heels, then I tortured his dick in ways to make it burn and hurt .. LOL! I love making a half-man yell and beg for mercy while I just sit on the other end and laugh and laugh my precious princess ass off. CBT men, sissies, cuckolds and small dick losers are like harlequins of Niteflirt. They will totally emasculate themselves just to entertain me and give me a few laughs 😀

Are you man enough to be de-maned by me? Are you in need of some punishment?

Wallet Rape Sissy Slave

My sissy slut and money slave, Erin tributed me lots of money of Niteflirt today. That was him showing his gratitude to me for allowing him to get fucked by my 10 inch strapon up his nasty little sissy asshole, and of course, forcing him to dress up in panties and stockings like the little loser half-man he is 😀

His cock is seriously so little that he knows his wife won’t touch him and cheats on him infront of his face and theres nothing he can do about it cause he’s such a wimp. She just uses him for his money .. but of course she gets the backseat to me. I’m younger, hotter and the princess. I get the meat of the money and she gets the bones ya know what I’m saying? She’s lucky I’m so generous.

Newayz, I think I’ll go shopping at Neimans and get some Juicy .. or maybe a new bag or shoes. I can’t decide yet.

As always I love new money slaves so join the fun. For wallet Raping by phone

Went Shopping with Short Dick Money Slave

My little short dick Asian money pet, Lee spent about 3 hours on the phone with me this morning on Niteflirt. This guy is so fuckin lame and he knows it. He’s a stereotypical Asian nerd who jerks off to Anime, has no friends, and works some boring career that has something to do with numbers .. not that I care about the details, I just care that he gets paid and hands his money over to me like a good little Pay Pet. That’s all I’m sayin.

Newayz .. for 3 hours I drained his bank account of money and raked up the charges on his credit card. I had so much fun as I teased him, humiliated his tiny penis and laughed my ass off at him for being such a loser at life. And .. seriously .. can you believe this little shit stain thinks that there’s some hope in this orld that someday I will fuck him? Ding Dork tributes me amounts of money and asks politely if I would ever touch his teenie dicky just hoping that I will finally say yes. LMAO! As if, loser.

He’d be so lucky if I were to even sit my perfect Princess ass on his pimple face and use him as a human seat while I do my hair and get ready to go on a date with a real man. I’d wiggle around to make sure his ugly nose is stuck so far up my tight ass that he can’t move or talk .. and if he suffocates and passes out in the process .. oh fucking well.

Newayz, after about 20 minutes of Tiny Cock Lee worshiping my hot, young ass and begging like a little lap dog to touch his Princess, I started to lose interest in his pathetic-ness so I put the phone down and ignored this dork while I got a snack and started to chat online with my friends.

Finally the dummy got the hint that I wasn’t seeing enough $$$ to waste anymore breath on him. He knows that the only thing about him that really excites me is his wallet, so I only remembered that he existed when I heard my little pay piggie oink “Princess .. I have another credit card. Wanna go shopping?”

No fucking shit I wanna go shopping! And oh boy did he spoil his Princess! Here’s what I made him buy me …

FUCK! I can’t wait until these arrive next week. I’m gonna look so fuckin gorgeous this winter and every girl in my class will be fuckin jealous of me. Annnd I can’t wait to head to the clubs in those boots and tease those fuckin horny ass dudes there. I’ll probably find a real man to fuck .. all on Piggy Lee’s money. And what? 😀

If you’re a pay pig who needs some financial domination by phone. CALL ME NOW!

Sissy Training and Small Dick Humiliation

ROFL! OMG! I love all you sissy boys on Niteflirt because, seriously?, you never fail to amuse me. I mean, I actually have fun on your calls cause you’re almost like one of my girl friends .. only most of you are too pathetic to actually be apart of my crew. But still .. I get to dress you in girlie panties, stockings and skirts, smear slutty make up all over your face, and most importantly, I get to train you up to be like the proper slut-whore you were obviously meant to be!

I had one guy call me just now in a FUCKIN THONG! with pink hearts on them and shit …. and stockings!!!! His said this is the only thing he could wear that made his little clitdick feel “appropriate”. [yeah pFFFT!]

I could tell he was getting off and tweaking his little pathetic dicky, getting his pretty panties all wet, while I laughed my ass off at him and his retard. Oh my fuckin god. LMAOROFLLOLOL!!

I also had another pretty sissy that I dressed up in make up and a nice, curly red wig. He wore thigh high stockings, a garter and nice little silk panties .. oh and 7 inch high heels while I arranged for him to get fucked in both of his slutty holes .. his pretty little lipstick mouth and his new man pussy. I had a great time training him to suck and choke on big dick taking it alll the way down and believe me, he did too. Yum!

Call me now, sissies! I love phone Humiliation

Feminization, Sissy Training, Phone Humiliation

I know all about you. Unfortunately you were born with a penis, when you wish you had a pussy. You were meant to be a man, but you fail so miserably at it. At night you close your eyes and fantasize what it would be like to be just like me .. young, hot, popular, a party girl, fun and surrounded loads of hot dick .. but you are so far from that.

Well, I am willing to help you. Noo you will never be as perfect as me, but I will train you up to be the hottest fuckin sissy slut on the block. Whether you’re looking for a BFF Role Model, or Mean Princess Mistress I can handle your awful situation. I have the natural ability to transform from sweetheart to raging bitch within seconds. Absolute losers get my worse treatment [I fuckin hate small dick dorks!]

Let’s get started. What’s your itch?

Make up




Dildo/ Strapon Training

Forced Bisexuality

Money Whore Slave

Glory Hole Slut

Forced Feminization

Small Dick Humiliation