Monique Got Wallet Raped, Anthony Guzzeled Jizz, You’re Giving me your MONEY!!!

Hey Nerds! Ugh, the last few weeks have been so stressful for me. I’ve been going and shopping nonstop preparing for my Spring Break trip to Las Vegas! I’m super excited because I’ve never been and clearly it’s amazing, so I’ve wanted to look amazing while I’m there .. which means a shit ton of shopping for … EVERYTHING! Clothes, shoes, luggage, purses, make up lol. Today I’m getting my eyelashes done, tomorrow I’m getting a haircut, mani pedi and then off I go! Weeee. I cannot wait.

Ugh, this plus some other things has had me feeling super stressed. So much so that, unfortunately, I haven’t been on Niteflirt as much as I’d like because I just have not had the strength to adequately fuck up all of your lives. I know a ton of you have missed me .. and truth be told … I’ve missed taking your money!

Before I took my short hiatus, Sissy Monique crawled out of his rat hole where he’d been hiding for a few weeks trying to break his habit of being a pathetic panty wearing, shoe fucking bitch. Like every other faggot he couldn’t stay away for too long, came back to me begging to give me the tingly feelings of fucking his life and his bank account. Naturally, you try to get away from me I’m gonna make you feel the pain. I sucked $2,000 out of that bitch until his credit card just couldn’t take it anymore and back into the rat hole he scattered lol.


Then theres Black Fag Anthony who I know all of you BBC sluts are so jealous of. This nerd is a self suck black bitch which I find as disappointing as all of you, who cannot get enough of sucking on his own BBC and swallowing mouth fuls of his own cum. This bitch literally gets a mouth full of black dick and black jizz all he likes, living the dream like you pathetic pasty fags wish you could lol. Check out the new pics I got from our last session



Anyway, I’m gonna be on NF for the next few days before my trip. Stop by and give me all of your money so I can spend it lavishly while I’m there! Later nerds!


Self Suck Anthony & Sissy Brendan Scahill Expose

I love receiving pics of my fags or watching cam while we talk. It makes my job so much more fun when I can see with my own eyes that what you say is real, really because I find it exciting that there are men who actually do degrading, emasculating shit just because I say 😀

Anthony loves to twist himself into a pretzel to suck himself off and guzzle his own cum while I listen, now he wants me to see for myself 😀 Only a matter of time before we cam …

Sissy BB aka Brendan Scahill, who you have seen many times, continues doing the most with his sissyness and love for big dick in his ass at all times

Jumbo Black Dick

So, I saw this black monster dick on Tumblr and knew I had to post it for you fags to see. I wonder how many of you can suck huge dick better than she can .. I mean, she was pretty pathetic … she could only take the head! I know some of you sluts would love to unhinge your jaw and swallow the whole thing .. matter of fact I’ve seen some of you do it lol. But dayum, thats like a real life 12 inch jumbo dick. Wowowow.

Speaking of sluts and jumbo black dicks Brendan Scahill aka Sissy BB gave me a call today! I love BB simply for his extensive catalog of photographic proof that shes a dick loving slut. He’s always wearing satiny lacey lingerie with holes in the back to get fucked in the ass lol … and he always has something in his ass wheether its dildos, butt plugs, black dick, white dick lol. What a ho! I love sluts. Seriously I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I never became a phone domme and learned through you freaks about everything thats wrong with the world. LMAO!

I added 3 new humiliating mp3s to my goodie store today.

Big Black Dick Sissy Half-Pipe

Hey skanks! I’m sure you all have missed me so much. I know it’s been so hard to get your sissy training fix without me, but FEAR NOT, I am back! The last few months I really did not have much time to blog, have phone sex or create new sissy assignments and cum eating assignments because I had started back up with school and had such a heavy work load. Anyway I’m back now. I missed making you work out your drippy dick cum loads 😀 Say wuut?

So anyways where do I start? I’ll start with the last call I just had on Niteflirt. A tiny little white sissy I will call Shortcake revealed to me that he loves to be taken advantage of by big huge black men with large black dicks. I laughed and guffawed in amazment as he recounted back to me the times that he took dicks up to 11 inches up his sissy ass and how much he loved to suck their dicks while wearing a little sissy princess dress just like a regular ol punk bitch. Oh.MY.GOD the image I had in my head was hysterical. The biggest scandal of all was that this dickbreath halfpipe is actually MARRIED and his wife has no idea her hubby is a sissy cum drinking homo bitch! lololol I wanna be the one to spill the beans.

I Love Real Men!

I slept until like 2 pm so I’m bored right now and can’t sleep. I hate when this happens because nights get sooooo boring and no one is awake 🙁
So what’s Princess Bridgette want to do for fun if she could get her way? Honestly? I wanna get fucked! A big hard dick in my tight, shaved little pink pussy pounding me all fucking hard .. no wimp loser fag boys like you.

I wanna call up Matt, my big dick fuck buddy, and have him come over and do the baby dance with me (minus the baby) but I know he’s sleeping right now and lives an hour a way. Booo! I like Matt the best because of the chemistry we have. He has a thick, 8 inch dick and knows how to use it. When he flips me over in doggystyle his cock slides deep inside of my pussy and rubs against my g-spot the whole time and it feels amazing! Plus hes not afraid to get rough, throw me around and spank me. No one has done me in doggy like him. 🙁

Newayz, I decided to watch some porn. Just browsing random shit trying to find something that looks interesting and OMG! I saw this guy and I was like WTF??!! and got soooo fucking turned on. LOOOOK!!!

Do you loves it? Total DILF material because I bet he’s like 30-something .. obviously an older man but still.. haaaawt and a nice big cock too. I’d def show him a good time with a younger girl and let him throw it in my tight teen pussy. Hmm .. good looks, big dick, he licks ass and loves anal .. WE HAVE A WINNER!
I better have some compensation coming soon just sayin … I’m all about this dude right now and watching him pumping that chick in stockings has me done for. Lucky fuckin bitch.

If you’re up callllllll me now!!! Keep me company or lets cum a few times

Hot Teen Models

Soo today I woke up at around 2 p.m. and hung out with Amanda a couple hours later. We were chillin out at her parents’ house when Ross called and asked us to come over for some drinks cause he had Diego and Mike (his friends from college) over and they wanted some babes around and have a little mini party hahaha. They are really awesome fun guys so we said hell yeah. We had sooo much fun! We ate snacks, watched some scary movies, hit the bong ..ya know … Ohh fuck .. I had three cups of “7 and 7″s .. and OMG I had never tried one before but they got me heeeella fucked up drunk, wild and crazy. I was seriously up on the coffee table flashing everyone like a fuckin slut LMAO! GAAH! Oh wellz, I feel good but I’m cool now 🙂 Diego took me home he’s such a cutie. xoxo

Oh! Oh! Newayz .. while me and Amanda were out today a guy named Slip (yeah I know .. wtf??) approached us and asked us if we wanted to be feature girls/models at this Speed Dating thing thats goin on Saturday at some new club. He says we basically sit at a table and these guys who have already bought tickets will come around and have 7 minute date with us and at the end we pick a guy to actually go out with. I got took his card and said maybe .. I guess it would be fun. I have to find a new outfit though especially cause afterwards all of us girls have to do little photoshoots, model and then theres gonna be an after party. I was thinking of wearing something really short and sexy. I saw this dressed I HELLA HELLA liked at Saks yesterday … (The Dress)

Cute huh? I dunno it may not be short enough though and I wish they had it in pink .. but I could rock it with some cute stockings and high heels.

Neway.. I just hope the guys there are hot and rich. The promoters wanted to make a big splash by having some really gorgeous, young girls available to date on the first ever dating party .. but still .. that shit has to be 2 ways ya hear me. If they’re ugly I’m over it but a hot young guy, well hot RICH older man too, could be cool. I could like keep him around or make him a new fuck buddy or something. I dunno .. we’ll see and I’ll write about it!

Here’s another picture from Sunday .. click on it

Teen Princess Party Girl

Ugggh I can’t believe college starts in 2 weeks! I’m not ready! It feels like summer just started like 2 days ago!!! WTF??!! 🙁

I’ve been partying soooo hard this summer. Drinking lotss .. hmmm .. smoking and other things 😉 I’ve been saying I’m gonna cut back on the alcohol cuz I gained like 10 lbs but whatevz I’m over it. I’ll just start running and doing like those Carmen Electra striptease cardio videos.
Also, I’ve been thinking of buying these new Asian diet pills that everybody is talking about .. like my friend Amanda is on them and she is so fucking tight and skinny now I’m like WTF??!!! I’m gonna go buy some! They’re fucking expensive though! $60 for about 100 somethings pills and I have to take 4 day. Shit, when it’s all done it had better make me have a body like Megan Fox, just saying! God I’d be perfect, and what?

Newayz … my weekend was good! Friday went out with some friends from high school was soo good to see them..drank…ya know
Saturday went to went to a concert for some local band Amanda knows! it was awesome but short because we got there super late and were beer bonging in the parking was actually my first time doing it and i loved it!!!! it tastes so good once it hits your lips!!! Mmm♥ Yeah we were pretty drunk ..
Today I went over Ross’ house with some of my girls and we had a bbq party …it was cool 🙂 We had ribs, chicken, burgers, hot dogs … potato salad, baked beans, beer, pop, ice cream sundaes .. mmm sooo soo good. Ross and Danny did the cooking and they were actually really good!

Danny is one of Ross’ friends and I think he’s soooooooooo hot. I was all about him tonight!! 🙂 He’s 25 and has $$$$$$$ MONEY!!! Hahaha! I know he could spoil me and make me his princess. And he’s really awesome and funny! He had his arm around me all night while we were chilling around the pool in our swimsuits and bikinis and Dj and Sam played guitars and sung for all of us.

Danny drove me home and we got a little naughty and made out heavy in his car 🙂 It was hot and so was my pussy! Bwahahaha Yeaaah my panties were all wet I’m not even gonna lie.

NEWAYZ, I’ll be on Niteflirt tonight!!! Call me let’s talk