Dave and his Fat Bitch

A big part of why I deal with pathetic geek faces and disgusting perverts on Niteflirt is the entertainment factor. I love hearing your fucked up stories, dirty kinks, humiliating confessions and laughing my ass off at you while I’m being constantly reminded how much more superior I am and how my princess life is absolutely amazing especially compared to pathetic peons like you.

One of my favorite little dick dimwits on Niteflirt is Dave, a cuckold loser husband who calls my Wife Humiliation Line and tells me the most hilarious shit I’ve ever heard. Ever.
His dumbass, greasy fat whore of a wife is one of the most vile piggy bitches EVER! Seriously this dirty slut will do anything for a meal and a cumload in her Big Mac-breath mouth.
Dave tells me every detail of just how far her chubby ass will go as he sits back and watches, almost like a cuckold wimp bitch, while his wife’s Male dominant controls their married life and sends Old FATful on all kinds of humiliating missions. From being a club slut, to a gutter slut, to a fried chicken glutton gobbler .. just when I think I’ve heard it all it just keeps getting better.

I think I seriously get my ab workout in for the day by laughing at the fucking stories he tells about this dumb bitch. O-M-G! … But it’s not like I really need the ab work. His fat slut wife could use it if she could be inspired to move her lazy ass for more than Ding Dongs.


How many other of you dorks have a dirty dummy fatty for a wife or girlfriend? Think you could make me laugh harder? I wanna hear about her!

Stupid Fat Wives

I love how all these husbands and boyfriends are coming out of the woodwork to worship and adore me as I humiliate their dumb, fat, ugly wives and girlfriends … LMAO.

Jason calls me everyday when his stinky wife is in the other room just so we can gossip about her. How she smells weird, how oily and zitty her face is, how she’s a lazy cunt who does nothing but sit infront of the TV every day stuffing her fat face as her ass gets wider and wider .. ewww. He giggles and I laugh my ass off as we talk about what a fucking Medusa she is.

I’ve come to realize that unless a man is dating or married to a top supermodel his wife is seriously a contrast from me as I have perfect skin, perfect hair, I look hella good, and have not an ounce of extra fat on my body.

I deserve to have my ass kissed and be spoiled.