Phone Fetishes

I am a spoiled, devious, domination mistress. I love feminizing sissy bitches, forcing cuckold fags to suck pussy flavored black cock, making perverts slurp up their own cum, and forcing loser’s noses up my pretty princess ass.

Here are a list of fetishes that turn me on, or excite me.

Feminization: I am one of the top femdeom mistresses at Sissy Training and you’re about to find out why! Strapon training, forced feminization, forced bi, humiliation, makeovers, pimping, bbc worship, forced cum eating and more.

Cuckold: Wimp losers who wish they could fuck a pussy, too bad your lack of balls actually makes you a pussy! Who has time for a fag like you? Step back and watch a real man in action, but first you must get him hard ..

Blackmail: What’s your perverted secret? Do you fantasize about men? Do you wear panties underneath your boy clothes? Do you enjoy the thought of being turned into a slave boy? Confess to me! Tell me all about yourself. But you do know you’re going to have to pay me to keep it a secret, right?

Cock and Ball Torture/ Small Dick Humiliation: I hate your nasty dick. I will punish you for even growing it in the first place!

Humiliation: Small dick, wimp, loser, sissy fag, dork .. these terms probably apply to you and I’ll let you know just how bad YOU SUCK!

Wife Humiliation: Your wife is dumb, she’s fat, she smells funny, she’s a bitch, she’s trash .. and your dumb ass married her. To prove even more what a dummy fuckup you are you will even pay me to humiliate both of you losers.