Drippy Dick Cum Eaters

Yawn. So I woke up this morning all exhausted and hung over from last night’s party at the lake. We popped firecrackers, ate bbq, drank hella beer (eww I don’t even like beer that much) + rum (mmm) and listened to some loud ass music until fuckin 3 am!!! I guess it like one last big KABOOM!! before I have to get serious about school .. ugggh. I need to get more serious about classes because I partied and slacked off sooo much last semester and I ended up getting 2 Cs because I really didn’t give a fuck but that sucked! My dad told me if I do better this semester he will give me his credit card to go shopping with for Christmas and I’m reeeaaallly wanting a pair of Christian Louboutins so I will hella do it.

Newayz ..

I got on Niteflirt for a little bit last night and Friday and I am soo amused by all of the little drippy dick cum eating sissy boys who have been calling me lately wanting me to force them to take their weak wimp cum load in their mouths while I laugh my beautiful princess ass off LOL. Seriously .. there’s nothing funnier to me than a fag wannabe jerking off all furiously to the thought of salty cum hitting their lips and then listening to them slurp that dirty dick nectar down their throats and into their cum hungry bellies. LMAO! Wtf .. some of you bitches are so fucking disgusting … and I love it!

Keep up the entertaining work, cum breaths!