Monique is a Money Rat

So last night this dumbfuck called and I sat the phone down for 5 hours cooking, browsing the net, playing games, chatting with friends because I didn’t really feel like hearing his stupid voice or interacting with him in any sort of way cuz he bores me out of my fucking mind. Eventually he got the hint and fell asleep as I completely drained his account of thousands of dollars. When he woke up he sent me a text thanking me for raping his wallet LOL!!!

He also sent me more disgusting pics of himself dressed in his mothers clothes, wearing nylons, showing off his nasty clit peen or “sissy stick” as we call it waiting in that hotel room preparing to be ass fucked. Ewww if I’m forced to look at these so are you freaks

I sent him a picture of the 6 inch broken high heels I am arranging for him to marry. His sissy stick tingled in delight over the sight of his blushing brides as we proceeded to make wedding plans. The shoes will be wrapped in a veil and he will be in a dress. On the wedding night he will wrap his peen in one of my old torn up nylons and proceed to consummate the marriage with his brides.


Random, but he claims before the shoes this was his girlfriend that he recently broke up with … do you believe this shit? I don’t, but whatevs!


Monique is currently snoring on the phone while I type this out and move on to watching Netflix or playing another game on my pc lol. Let’s see how much this bitch is drained for tonight. 😉

The Rat King (Sissy Monique) is back …

Sooo you guys, listen up! I am currently on the phone with Sissy Monique who once again decided to crawl out of his rathole and into my fucking environment ready to serve me and confess his sins. Once again, this dumbfuck thought that he could escape his fucked up desires of wearing his mothers clothes (which he has been doing since he was 10 years old) and being such a pitiful incel loser that needs to marry my broken high heels because thats the only attention he can get in life right now LOL!!! Of course, like always, when he comes back sprouting this bullshit I just LMAO at his dumb ass for even thinking this would be possible .. after 28 fucking years of doing it consistently he thinks he can stop now!!! Fucking braindead retard .. and speaking being brain dead omg I swear the longer this fagtard went withought jerking off in his mom’s pantyhouse the more brain cells he has lost because it takes him twice as long to process the information given to him. I ask him the most basic questions and he drools on himself for 5 minutes before he can form a coherent answer. Naturally this irritates me and I force him to pay for it. Both by calling his special line and also by sending me large tributes. OMG I swear I’m going to have an anxiety attack because of this piece of shit …


More updates to come!!

My Site + Niteflirt News

Ok, for one, I’m finally back after a nice, long summer vacation that was AMAZING! I spent some time at the lake, a lot of time by the pool getting my tan on, went on a road trip with my friends, of course a lot of time enjoying big dicks .. and now I’m back at home chillin at my brothers condo. It’s so amazing here. A huge, pimped out tv, a pool, jacuzzi. I’ve practically moved myself in .. but my bro is my best friend so he doesn’t even give a shit.


Umm .. so yeah I fucked up my site cause it’s not like I’m some techy dork who does this stuff for shits and giggles. I mean I managed to save some of the blog entries, majority is gone. Sorry, Roaches, you won’t be able to enjoy every detail of my perfect devilish princess life from the past year, but I’ll try to update for you losers more often.

Which brings me to …


1) They just told us today that they’re changing shit around on that site and it may make things a little harder for you guys to find me and also for me to contact you … I dunno. To make things easier BOOKMARK MY PAGE!

Sissy Page

Wife Humiliation/Blackmail Page

Ass Worship Page

Loser Confession Page

Pick your perverted kink, favorite me and call me! 🙂

2) I haven’t been on regularly and I know you twits miss me .. so HEre is my new schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8pm-6am
The rest of the week: Whenever I get a chance .. I’m a busy, bitch! I’ll try my best to be on consistently with the other days.

They’re taking away “Arrange a Calls”, appointments, call backs, and “Busy” notifier for a little while so if you want to talk to me at any time, especially during the time slots above and it says I’m “Away” I JUST may be on a call with someone else so try me back in 15-30 minutes or you SHOULD be able to send me a message and see if I’m available .. I will respond back ASAP!

I will be on all night tonight so catch me while you can!